This jompikad has got to be one of the worst muay thai I have even been to in my life. As a competitor I located to the area for a year, I was looking for a place to train and found this so called muay thai gym located 20 min. from me in Norwalk and was happy about it.

The instructor Eddie Martinez had pushed me into a one year contract right when I walked in the door but I insisted to try it prior to giving him my business on the spot, he finally agreed to let me pay him for a month instead.

I came to the gym for the first week and almost every one there had try to prove a point, in one incident a friendly sparring session had turned into what hat looked like a bar fight and Eddie Martinez the owner and the head instructor was good with it.

In the week that followed. a partner that I spared with was called out when Eddie Martinez screamed in rage that he should put some “heat on me” since he was his advanced student I was surprised to hear that, but we continued with the session.

The next thing that happened was a shock to me as I never had experienced that in no other muay thai gym to include in Thailand several times.

This Eddie Martinez had stopped the session and told that student to sit this out, instead he called another advanced student that he clearly instructed him to take me out and after 3 min. of sparring I saw that what started as a routine and friendly sparring session is about to turn into another bar fight, once identified the situation, I came to his student took my gloves off and shacked his hand, Eddie Martinez was pissed and told me that no leaves in the middle of sparring I told Eddie what I think of this situation and that I’m all set and that he can keep the payment for the month but I will never return there.