Twin Tiger Muay Thai Training Camp Pattaya, Thailand

Twin Tiger Training Philosophy
Twin Tiger’s philosophy of training is straight forward. We treat everyone as an individual, tailor our training to you and we take everyone seriously, novice through professional. TRADITION, DISCIPLINE, VICTORY is our mantra. Our trainers supply the TRADITION in their approach to training, YOU supply the DISCIPLINE, together we will achieve your goals and bring you VICTORY.
Our Training focuses on technique as the core of our approach to training. We concentrate on developing your skills first and foremost so they are ingrained, so they become second nature to you. This is how they training in the camps in the country, this is how Twin Tiger does it.
In the end the training is on your shoulders, fighting is a solitary sport. We offers training programs for all skill levels from beginners to fight preparation. We will show your the proper technique, tricks of the trade and build your endurance. The DISCIPLINE to train is on you!
If you follow the spirit of the TRADITION in the training we offer and are DISCIPLINED, VICTORY can be yours. All of our trainers were or are professional fighters. They grew up fighting Muay Thai, they know what it takes to train to win. Our programs come from their experience.
Twin Tiger is located in the heart of Pattaya. We are close to everything so yo can have the best of both worlds, train hard 5 or six days a week and go out and enjoy the unique night life that is Pattaya if you so desire.

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