Sitpholek. Institute of Muaythai Techniques

Welcome to Sitpholek Camp. Experienced, high quality Muay Thai, boxing,MMA and Lethwei fighters and trainers. Come train in pattaya, stay at the camp with the family feeling. We’re a Thai boxing, Burmese bare-knuckle boxing, MMA and Boxing camp in Pattaya, Thailand. With more than 25 year experience, we train everyone. From beginner to the absolute world top. You’re never to old to be active and train a combat sport. It build up your stamina and confidence.
A few years ago, after a lot of our costumers asked if they could stay with us in the camp, after a long search we found the perfect place. A location not too far away from the beach and the hustle and bustle of this great seaside resort. we’re located in a quiet side street of a busy road in South pattaya. Just a few minutes walking from shops, bars restaurants, Markets and shopping mall. Our camp has now several rooms for you to stay. Live, train, eat and sleep at the camp. Live and discover the life of a Nak Muay (Thai Boxer) The rooms are basic, but as you soon find out, you will only be in the room to sleep. Furthermore, the rooms are all with own bathroom, Shower, hot and cold water, Free WiFi through the camp and restaurant.
In the morning when you wake up, you are ready to start training.
About the training; You will train two times a day, in the morning and afternoon. The morning training start with a long run. When you come back in the gym, the fun part start. Training with the fighters and you will always train in the ring, doing pad work, with a Thai trainer. After the training it’s time to relax again. Have a breakfast and maybe sleep an hour of two?
In the afternoon we start training just after 15.00 Of course again with a run, but most of the time not as long. Back in the gym it’s time for you to concentrate on your technical skill. In the ring with the other fighters, you will have a great time.
No matter how long you stay, even in a week you will notice a change in your techniques
Sitpholek Camp, Everything under one roof
Muay Thai, Lethwei, Boxing, MMA

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