Maryville Muay Thai & Boxing

Kids Muay Thai: (Not listed on Schedule, Message us for times) Bully-proof your kids! Our kid’s program is designed for children ages 6-12 years old  Your kids will learn the fundamentals of Muay Thai while also learning the importance of respect, discipline, and physical activity.

Intro to Muay Thai: (Not listed on Schedule. A  6-week course for students with ZERO experience in Muay Thai. Learn fundamentals of Muay Thai in a small group setting with in-depth and hands-on instruction. In this class, you will build a good foundation in Muay Thai.  At the end of the 6 weeks, you will be ready to graduate to our Level 2 class. Ages 13+

Adult Muay Thai (Level 2): For ages 13 and up, our Level 2 class is for students who have completed the basic fundamentals in the Intro class and are ready to take their Muay Thai to the next level. This class is for students looking to build on their skills and learn at a slower pace than those in our advanced level 3 class.

Adult Muay Thai (Level 3): This class is reserved for our Fight Team Competitors. This is an authentic muay Thai training straight from Thailand!

Heavy Bag Class: This training session is guaranteed to leave you drenched in sweat.  You will train on one of our 30 Heavy Bags inside the gym. This is a great training class for fitness enthusiasts and fighters!

Muay Thai Fitness: It’s no secret that fighters are some of the most in-shape athletes in the world! So why not Train like a pro fighter without the bumps of sparring and fighting! In this training class, you will be doing heavy bag drills, hit the Thai pads, and other conditioning/strength workouts

Boxing Fitness: Come and break a sweat while releasing stress on our heavy bags and focus mitts!

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