Kittisaks Muay Thai

Champion Expert Muay Thai Fighter training you. The only traditional Thai Boxing gym in Stamford. Catering for Adults, Children, Teenagers, Woman and Men. Teaching self defence and pro fighting techniques for all ages.

All Classes and 121 sessions Pricing & Timetables
🥊 Kids Classes
🥊Adult Classes
🥊Adults & Kids 121 Private Sessions
All classes are £7 per session or £60 for 10 booked and paid in advance.
Private training for one person £40/hr or £150 for 5hrs block booked and paid in advance
Private 121 Muay Thai & Boxing
Private 121 session For Two people/hr £60 per session or block of 5hr £250 booked and paid in advance.
Adults Classes Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7pm.
Kids Mondays and Thursdays from 5:30pm
All classes are set one hour sessions however expect these to run over and allow extra time.
Beginners to Advanced Levels & Fighter Preparation.
Address – 1 Meadow View business units, Stamford PE92EX.
If you have any question please message us directly.
KMT Team
PLEASE NOTE: book in advance as demand for 121 sessions are very high.


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