Kings Muay Thai Gym

Our Muay Thai Skills class is perfect for all skill levels. Our program will not only teach you the foundations of Muay Thai but will also help build your fight IQ in the sport. At Kings we pride ourselves in bringing you “Ring Proven Muay Thai” that has brought several Championship titles to our gym. We will equip you with the skills you need to defend yourself and shed pounds in the process. The class can be done with a partner or by yourself on a heavy bag.

Our core class at Kings Muay Thai allows you to use the techniques you have learned to develop power, speed, coordination and conditioning. There is no better workout on this planet than padwork and bagwork. If you are tired of going to the gym and doing the same weightlifting routine than this class is for you. You will hit pads for 3x3min or 5x3min rounds and then hold pads for 3x3min or 5x3min rounds. We will go over the combos prior to the round and help you along the way. You do not need to have prior knowledge to take part in this class. We will teach you how to hit and hold Thai pads properly. If you want the best workout around than this is it.
Our Thai Style training mimics how your training would be if you were to train in Thailand. The class is physically challenging. It will improve your conditioning and give you a taste of what training in an elite Thai camp feels like. Classes will involve skipping rope, running, freestyle padwork, clinching and play sparring. These classes are recommended for students who have a good base in Muay Thai and want to take there training to the next level.
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