Kelly Muay Thai

Muay Thai Classes and Other Services

  We are passionate about Muay Thai, and we are committed to offering the best learning and training experiences from beginners to competitive professionals in Brisbane. We also offer full-time Gym facilities, personal training, and targeted classes for ladies and kids. 

Our Muay Thai gym has been running since 1994. Our community ranges from beginners looking to learn something new or work on fitness, to advanced and competitive fighters.

Muay Thai is a sport that connects both physical and mental state in training, teaching a connection between body and mind, to build balance, strength, wisdom and skill. To train in Muay Thai is to adopt a way of life, developing fitness for the body and mind.

Our techniques focus on striking, defending and reading your opponent. Each of the techniques used in Muay Thai requires strength, precision, speed and balance. In a spar (or, competitive fight), you will need to know yourself and be able to read your opponent, drawing on your training and muscle memory in a split second to strike and defend.

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