Kai Muay Family

beginners/advanced/competitive fighters

All persons at all levels are equally important. Whether you are a competition fighter, want to become or just starting out. Everyone can work on his/her own goals at his/her own level. As long as you can adhere to our standards and values, we will do everything we can to help you achieve your goals.

Obviously there is a difference in levels. You will certainly encounter the differences in the varied range of lessons on offer. This way we can help each other and make each other better. Is the lesson especially for beginners and are you an advanced? Then you will have to help more. In the beginners lesson there is more attention for the basic techniques. If a beginner comes to an advanced class then it is probably better that you come and train with another beginner, because the advanced classes are there to let advanced students make each other better… this lesson is pay attention and bang!
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