Jom Hod Muay Thai Koh Phangan

Jomhod Muay Thai is the most authentic Thai boxing gym/stadium on the island of Koh Phangan, south Thailand.we welcome you all to join us.

Cosy Muay Thai classes are to beginner, intermediate, advanced and professional fighters.

We accept all levels of fight experience, from holiday-makers, full-mooners, fitness enthusiasts and military personnel to professional fighters and athletes who comes to improve technique and to prepare for international fights and tournaments to further progress in their career.

Expect sessions to go for approximately 1.5 hours and teach traditional and fundamental fighting techniques including kicking, knees, elbows, boxing (Thaiboxing) skills, the famed Muay Thai clinch, combinations, and ring.

Each class has between 2-3 trainers supervising to ensure that every person gets individualized attention and learns proper technique.

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