Hurricanes Martial Arts Performance Academy

Weather you want to develop your fitness, Gain confidence, learn a new sport, tone up or all of the above then Hurricanes Martial Arts is for you.
Sport Kickboxing is a great way to get fit, tone up, partake in combat based sport, meet new friends, improve flexibility and gain confidence all in one action packed lesson.
Classes are split into juniors (6-13 years) and adults (14 years +).
Classes are priced at $5 per person with family discount applying to 3 or more from the same family training together the 3rd member trains for $1 so a family of 3 (immediate) train for $11.
There is a belt grading system in place where students demonstrate set techniques in a exam situation to gain belt grades. The belts start at red belt and work up to black.
On average it will take a student 3 1/2 years to go from red to black belt with constant training behind them.
The gradings are held every 3 months. All the techniques needed for the grading will be practiced in lessons leading up to the grading.
The club also take part in national competitions around the country and if your one of the elite then maybe the world. (the worlds your oyster!!!!)
There is no pressure on anybody to compete in competitions or even to grade.
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