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Build your inner strength, self-confidence, get fit and learn real Muay Thai from one of the best trainers in the USA, Master Taningco, who has trained students for the last 45 years in the Dayton area since 1976. Trained many champions in the likes of Christian Phyliss Toleque undefeated under Master Taningco mentorship, along with Neal Rowe who also became a professional fighter, undefeated under Taningco’s coaching went on to coach the retired MMA fighter Rich Franklin. Bellator fighter Joe Schilling trained under Master Taningco for the first 3 years here in Dayton along with Toby Grear who also became professional fighter both were also undefeated under Master Taningco’s Muay Thai training program at Tama martial arts center.

No need to prove yourself in the ring but to get fit and learn real Muay Thai training and beyond from one of the best trainers in the USA. Master Taningco has been selected and named into the Association of Boxing Commissions Muay Thai Committee for Unified Rules. He also wrote the amateur muay Thai rules for the State of Ohio under Bernie Profato Ohio Athletic Commission. He was also named as a Muay Thai Director for 5 years for Arnold Schwarzenegger Martial Arts Sports Festival in Columbus, Ohio.

Master Taningco was also a sparring partner of Alan Schroeder who became 5 times GOLDEN GLOVE champion in the Dayton area. His family art of panantukan of Filipino boxing (a cousin art of the old Muay Boran-now modern Muay Thai Art) was passed down to him from his family heritage since he was a very young age. He is also a fully certified Muay Thai Instructor under United World Muay Thai Federation. Former Lumpinee champions and now trainer: Sakasem, Saekson, Dragon Matee, and Samart have visited and taught at the Dayton Muay Thai gym known as Tama Martial Arts Center located in Kettering. Taningco brought Muay Thai art into Dayton in 1976.

We are here to help you achieve your goals in Muay Thai training. Your Muay Thai lessons will be as genuine and challenging. It will surely help you conditon yourself and get yourself in really good shape and be able to defend yourself. You will be truly be motivated with the instructor’s guidance in creating a supportive environment for you to achieve real results. Be The BEST You Can Be! Come and join us and have fun and build your confidence.

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