Competitive Edge Mixed Martial Arts

We believe in building character over self-esteem. Character is a “doing” energy while self-esteem is a “feeling” energy. Our instructors are patient communicators who first establish trust with each student. Then we incrementally add drills to challenge the student so they develop proficiency with each technique and skill. Students who overcome real obstacles have a life reference of success that stays with them and forms their character. This is a delicate process that requires competent professional instruction. We would like to invite you to try a free introductory class to see this process of character development first hand.

We offer several classes for adults that range from Boot Camps, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Mini-Courses, Practical Self-Defense (Krav Maga), Jiu-Jitsu and Kickboxing. If you are looking for fitness, then please ask about our Kickboxing classes that are taught by professional martial artists that will help you develop the right form for safety and effectiveness. We have combined Krav Maga and MMA to develop the most practical and effective methods of self-defense in any situation. Finally, we also offer the newest way to reach your fitness goals by our innovative, fun, and effective classes.


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