ByDand Muay Thai

Established in 2003 by Trevor Lawn, our ‘Kru’, Bydand is a martial arts club that teaches and practices Muay Thai – Thailand’s national sport.
Know as the ‘Art of Eight Limbs’ – fist, elbow, knee and kick – this is one of the most effective forms of martial arts, dating back thousands of years. It incorporates skill, strength, fitness and respect – both for the individual, club and Kru.
Muay Thai has a strong following, with many people holding a mixed background in martial arts; this can include kick boxing, brazilian ju-jitsu, karate and MMA. However the key focus of Bydand is Muay Thai.

Supportive, fun & focused. Muay Thai tends to have a “family-like” vibe. After all, you’re constantly challenging yourself, and striving to be your best in every class. This creates a real sense of camaraderie & team – which is part of the awesome Muay Thai experience.


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