Ambush Muay Thai

Located in Austin, San Antonio, & NE San Antonio TX, our gyms teach Muay Thai & kickboxing in a community that’s welcoming to all ages & skill levels, focusing on strong fundamentals, conditioning, and practice. Muay Thai (or “Thai boxing”) is a martial art that utilizes the punches and kicks of boxing and kickboxing, as well as strikes with knees and elbows in close-range clinch fighting. The best way to learn more about our program is to schedule a FREE trial class.

Here is how you will benefit from training with Team Ambush:

  • MARTIAL ART. You will practice Muay Thai as a martial art, developing skills for self-defense & attack, and with the core values of honor, discipline, and respect. This is not cardio kickboxing.

  • BEGINNERS. Almost everyone who starts with us is a beginner and our program caters to that. You will start with our free Intro Class, a semi-private session that introduces Muay Thai fundamentals and our class structure. Then our Beginners and Foundations classes will increasingly develop your technique, speed, power, and reflexes.

  • KIDS. Our Kids classes will not only teach your kids Muay Thai as a youth sport, but will build their confidence in a safe environment.

  • COMMUNITY. You will train as part of a team, not just as a student in a class. Our culture is very supportive, everyone is important and has a role.

  • PROGRESSION. After developing a fundamental base, you can advance into classes to learn more applications of Muay Thai. These classes include pad work, drills, clinch work, and sparring.

  • SAFETY. You will train in a very controlled environment with responsible training partners. We want you to improve with consistency and without injuries.

  • COMPETITION. If desired you will have opportunities to compete, and you will train alongside our competition team, contributing to their success. Our team competes regularly in Muay Thai events and tournaments, locally and nationally, and has produced numerous champions.

  • MMA. We provide striking training for MMA and have trained fighters in every major MMA organization including UFC, Bellator, ONE FC, Strikeforce, and Legacy.

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